Packaging Requirements

Whilst every effort is made to ensure safe transport of your goods, Bike Delivery ask customers to package goods in an appropriate manner as described below to greatly reduce the chances of accidental damage during transport.

Bike Delivery also provide suitable packaging for your bike, please select this option at checkout, we'll send a box to you and then collect it when you've packaged your bike.

Your bike must be boxed, not simply wrapped in cardboard, we can provide a suitable box if required during checkout. All parts should be securely fixed within the box and bubble-wrap covering the frame to ensure no damage during transit. The length of your box should not exceed 1.6m with the sum of the width and height not exceeding 1.2m (i.e. when you add the width and height together they should not be more than 120cm) otherwise the driver will refuse the collection, most bike boxes will be within these measurements. Your bike should not exceed 30kg.

If your packaged bike is oversized or overweight it will be returned to the collection address and a £9.99 failed collection charge will apply before any refund is processed.

* Failure to comply with our packaging requirements will invalidate any liability cover claims.