Packaging Requirements

The onus is on you, not the driver to ensure your goods are suitably packaged as described below. Your goods could be rejected by the driver or local depot which will cause delays to your delivery and incur a failed collection charge.

At any stage of the delivery, if your package is deemed oversized or overweight, additional fees will incur.

All bikes must be in a fully structured box. The bike should also be suitably dismantled to fit in the box. All parts should be securely fixed within the box and bubble-wrap covering the frame to ensure no damage during transit. See the Packaging Guide below for further details.

The maximum dimensions for the fully packaged bike is 160cm in length and the combined height and width of 120cm. Each fully boxed bike cannot be more than 30kgs in weight.

We recommend our custom packaging which you can purchase during the booking process.

Bike Packaging Guide

View our Handy PDF Guide

Tools & packaging materials required:

  • Allen Key or Spanner
  • Cardboard Bicycle Box
  • Bubble Wrap or Polystyrene Packaging Peanuts
  • Adhesive Packaging Tape
  • Cable Ties

How to package your bike securely:

  • 1Remove any accessories, including lights, water bottles, speedometers and mudguards.
  • 2Using the allen key, unthread the right-pedal (counter-clockwise to loosen) and vice-versa for the left. This is needed to avoid pedals pushing through the cardboard in transit.
    Tip: Use a freezer bag or plastic pouch to keep pedals, bolts and other small objects together.
  • 3Turn your bike upside down. Manually loosen the bolt or use the quick release bolt and remove the front wheel from the brake blocks. Depending on the size of your bike you may need to also remove the back wheel.
  • 4Using the allen key loosen the handlebars until they are detached from the frame. Using cable ties secure the loosened handlebars to the main frame.
  • 5Once the bike has been fully dismantled, wrap the entire bike frame and handle bars in foam tubing or plenty of bubble wrap.
  • 6To pack the bike, lower the fully wrapped bicycle frame into the cardboard box. Wrap any loose items (pedals, wheels, bolts etc) in bubble wrap and then secure these inside the box.
    Tip: If both wheels have been removed, place these securely at opposite ends, inside the box.
  • 7Limit the movement of contents by packing the frame in the centre of the box with plenty of cushioning. Use bubble wrap, shreds or packaging chips.
  • 8Use plenty of strong adhesive packaging tape to secure the box closed. Add additional tape around the handles of the box to prevent them from tearing.
    Tip: Tape the bottom side of the box for extra protection.